Monday, June 9, 2008

Boycotting Girl's Generation?

*Sigh* Korean fans make me sad sometimes. Maybe it's the Korean culture, and I'd understand if I was living in Korea... but boycotting SNSD at the Dream concert? Photobucket
Okay so some can't sing and some lack manners.
But boycotting? Really?

Do they not understand what that does to their respective idols?
DBSK, SS501, Super Junior
they interact with SNSD a lot, and now their fans
are making them feel guilty.
Maybe they don't feel to respect SNSD because they're around the same age,
but they disrespected the people they adore the most.
The singers that they were AT the Dream Concert FOR.l
Do they really not understand what they did?

And..omg some of those soshi boy fans.
Maybe they're just rumors, maybe it's
DBSK and Super Junior's fans way of making SNSD look bad.
But from reports...they are crazy.
They're beating up and slashing posters in SNSD's name.
How do you suppose SNSD felt when they heard one of their fans
slashed their sunbaenim's poster with a knife?

Yeah I'm sure they were damn proud.

WHAT?! I really hope that's not what was going on through those
Soshi boy's minds.

Hopefully this mess will fade away.
and people will realize how foolish they were
freaking idiots for acting the way they did

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Anonymous said...

you are 100% right !!

that is just a shame ''/