Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot-hot, he's hot-hot.

So shy Taeyang of Big Bang debuted solo a few weeks ago.
His mini-album...lovely. I love his voice although sometimes it can be a bit nasally.
But it's a unique voice to have in the Kpop industry.

credits to the AC thread on Z-degrees

I feel like everyone is starting to use "hot" a lot. Hot Issue, Hot, Too Hot....besides that little annoying fact, the intro has a great beat.

Prayer(feat. Teddy)
Yay Teddy! 1TYM really needs to make a comeback soon. Anyways, love this song!! The "Let me say Uh-Oh" parts can get really annoying but this song is super catchy and great to jam out to. Plus the music video is pretty damn cool. This song has a lot of the voice changing stuff but I personally like it.
Just Look at Me
Okay, I adore this song sound wise. Taeyang's vocals really shine through in this song along with the nice beat. But seriously..the lyrics..."Even if I cheat, don't you ever cheat. Even if I forget you, don't you ever forget me." WTF?!! As hot as you are Taeyang, if we were dating and you cheated on me, we're over. And if you forget me then damn I'm forgetting you too. Gah, how frustrating. Anyways, next!
This song is interesting. It's a new sound with all the orchestral components and slow beat, but it's definitely pleasing to the ears.
Baby I'm Sorry
This is my favorite song on his mini-album. I was so suprised when after the rapping, the rapping part from A Fool's Only Tear started playing. But it was sort of rap singing like he did for Big Bang's last concert. Loooove ittt.
Make Love
I wonder if they know what their titles actually mean in Korean when they're coming up with them. But wow I like Kush's voice!! I've never really listened to him and Skull's music, I think I might go dig up their past work now. Another electronica style song, but there's no voice changing parts.

Music Core May 31, 2008

Okay awesome choreography. But if it's that tough that Taeyang has to depend on mostly background vocals and sounds breathy, then downsize it!! Singing should be first priority and the chereography can still rock without being as intense. I think he was nervous, his first ever solo stage on a broadcast. He did okay, it was actually a bit disappointing.

Inkigayo June 1, 2008

He did a lot better in this performance, but I feel like he's still breathy.

He didn't perform on any gayo shows this week, I'm curious to see how he'll do next week.
Since he took a week off I'm hoping some of the choreography is changed so that there's more singing.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, I really enjoyed his mini-album

About "Just Look At Me", I felt that way about it at first too. I thought it was really selfish and misogynistic, but after I listened to it more, I got more of the point to the song, it makes more sense after the bridge(??; the part after the dancing part). The way it goes in my head was that: he's not telling her that it's okay for him to cheat, and her not to, but that no matter how stupid or dirty he becomes, he doesn't want her to make the same mistakes. He wants her to still be pure, so that she isn't the one blamed for the way their relationship is. Just my two cents. ^^;;

I love your blog btw, especially your WGM summaries. Thanks for all the postings! =D