Saturday, June 21, 2008

Music Bank ~June 20, 2008~


Drive-Lee JiSoo
Like a Flower-Peter
I Love You-Izu
I Love You-8eight
Two of Us-Miracle*
Slighty "Koong"-Kim Hyun Jung *
Silence-Buga Kinz
My Love-J Walk
YeoWooGa-Moon Jl Eun
Energy-Mightmouth and Sun Ye *
Step by Step-Battle
Bad Boy-Son Dam Bi
Nuna's Too Pretty-Shinee
Honey-Ock JuHyun
Only You-Kim JongWook and GaIn ****
Only Look At Me-TaeYang
Goodbye my Love-SungSiKyung
So Hot-Wonder Girls *winners*

*=good performance

Drive ~Lee Ji Woo~
Good performance and okay song.
But what the hell is with the preppy outfit that
screams I'm going to go play golf.
Highwaters, pink, bowtie...AHAHDFksdlhf;kshf

Izu ~I Love You~
His voice doesn't like totally amaze me
but he's good and that song is really nice.

8eight ~I Love You~
I adore 8eight! This song isn't my favorite but it's catchy and I like it.
When are people going to recognize how amazing they are??!!
The performance..I don't know it seemed kinda half hearted
and they seemed nervous.

Miracle ~Two of Us~
This song is ridiculously poppy but everyone is very talented
in this group and have great stage presence.
I really enjoyed this performance.

Kim Hyun Jung ~Slightly "Koong"~
This girl is such a freaking amazing live singer!
She's gorgeous too (reminds me of CSJH's Dana) and sooo leggy
but she seems so happy to be on stage and
the song is catchy, great performance and dance.
^ That is so cute =)

Buga Kingz ~Silence~
Eh this song sounds like Peter's "Like a Flower" to me

Mighty Mouth with SunYe ~Energy~
Ah great performance!
The stage was so colorful
and the dance was fun to watch.
They did great for an intense running in place dance
and wow the perf was just really engaging.
They are so weird! I love it!
First time I've seen rappers on stage
with sleeping masks.

Battle ~Step by Step~
Good performance!
Good live singing and you could actually see them
unlike last time.
Love the song!
Go listen to the remix of this song with Big Bang's Last Farewell
and Son Dam Bi's Bad Boy-it rocks.

Kim Jong Wook and GaIn ~Only You~
Ahhh this was such a good performance!
They both sounded great
and they were soooo cute.
He like gave her a necklace-it was super adorable.
Definitely my fave perf of his.
(BTW Brown Eyed Girls is my favorite group
so that's why i'm geeking out over Ga In! ^^)

Sung Si Kyung ~Goodbye My Love~
Wonderful voice and song
but lack of stage presence, boring to watch.

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