Monday, June 9, 2008

Music Bank ~June 6, 2008~

I think the girl MC is new..or is a newbie, she messed up twice.

First-Kim Jong Wook!!! ~Only You~
He has a nice soft voice and the cutest baby face ever!!
I really like him, but he's so awkward when he's performing.
The rocking side to side
And his hand gestures are limited to
hand on the chest
and this gesture.
Hopefully he'll work on his stage presence, but he has a real cute smile ^^
I don't who the girl is, but she's an okay singer.

~Like a flower~
Peter...hmm weird outfit,
and unusual choreography.
I personally like his Showman song better, but I'm not sure if I like his voice or not.

Then ChoShinSung with their "Superstar" song.
Only two rappers have their own "parts" in the song.
I don't like the pants and the Super Junior esque pelvic thursts.
I like their debut single Hit much better.

OMG! I adore this guy to death! HIs name's Mario and his debut song is Goodbye. He has this raspy R&B voice that's WONDERFUL.
Check him out if you've never heard of him before.
The song is really nice too.

Ahh Gummy. ~When I look into the mirror~
She looks gorgeous and sang perfectly!
I really like this Red Roc guy but he hasn't come out with
anything since his "Hello" single.
Maybe I'll go dig up his underground stuff later.

So Miracle, is this a new group or something?
I've never heard of them-but I like them.
Looks like it consists of two guys and two girls.

This girl seems to be the lead singer.
She has a nice voice and great stage presence.

This rapper seems really young and was a bit nervous and uneasy as he want up to rap his part.
But he's really cute ^^

Then DongWan and Andy's special stage!!!
This performance was okay.

But this one...I felt Andy was really out of place.
Truthfully, Andy does not have that great vocals
and it's blaringly obvious when he sings "Secret."

Epik High!! I guess they're promoting "Breakdown" now.
The stage set-up was cool...but I kept wondering whether the audience could see them or not.

They were standing a couple steps back from the hole in the brick wall.

Okay so after watching Tucket in Happy Shares-I adooreee him!!!
He's so funny and DJing is so cool!!

VOS ~Beautiful Life~
This is my favorite song right now.
They did a great job performing this song-professionals!!
and cuties ^^

SS501 ~A song for you remix~ Goodbye performance
Gah DSP pisses me off.
They worked SS501 way too the past 3 months in Korea.
trying to ride off the coattails of their Japanese success.
Reasons why I'm pissed
~They rarely performed live, only on gayo shows that require live singing like music bank.
They're great singers, but they just kept lipsyncing.
~DSP focused on making the dance to Deja Vu look cool but did not think about how the intense choreography would affect their singing.
~They've been in Korea for only 3 months and now they're going back to Japan.
~And since We Got Married is so popular and DSP got Hyun Joong, they're going to make him fly twice a week between Korea and Japan to film. He's going to be so tired...
Anyways, good luck in Japan SS501.

Wonder Girls ~This Time~So Hot~
Yoo Bin's hair looks awesome!
It's obvious that she's lipsyncing..but she should really stick to rapping.

Ewww...brittle, red hair. Dye your hair back!!!!! Her voice sounded great this performance.

Sun Ye sounds lovely in this song and looks equally lovely with her new do.

Sun Ye's not wearing ugly suspenders!!
This song...does not showcase their vocals..AT ALL.
Yet it's incredibly popular because of it's catchiness, just like "Tell Me."
That's a shame because three of those girls have great voices,
but have to downplay them.
...God I hate leopard print....
Apparently Sun mi lost weight while the other members lost weight.
She looks a lot better, but she's still a stick.

So Wonder Girls won the mutizen against Crown J and MC Mong!
Sun Ye crying startled me.
They've already won a mutizen, so I really did not expect that much emotion.
Did something happen for her to be that grateful?

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