Friday, June 13, 2008

New Dramas Coming out June 2008

All the dramas airing right now...
don't sound interesting at all.
I read Dramabean's caps of Bittersweet Life
but it sounded too much like Dalja's Spring to really pull me in.

But then I hear that all the new dramas are airing
pretty much at the same time..
Gah I wish they were airing one of them now
so I don't have to watch and download them all around the same time. T-T
Hopefully they'll be so amazing that it won't even matter to me..hopefully.

Chil Woo
credits to

Starring Eric and Goo Hye Sun
KBS2-Mondays and Tuesdays
starts June 17
20 episodes

So Eric is trying to cram everything into the little time
he has before going to the army.
He's got Shinhwa's new album, his solo album, and this drama.
This drama sort looks like it's been modeled after
the same concept as Hong Gil Dong
but less comedic.
This is the drama I'm most unsure about
because of my quesiness of blood
and also I have trouble understanding the old style of Korean
they use in historic dramas.

credits to the Gourmet thread at Soompi

starring Kim Rae Won
SBS-Wednesdays and Thursdays
starts June 17
24 episodes (eh)

That "eh" was because I'm a bit wary of series longer
than 20ish episodes because they tend to be VERY draggy.
I'm really looking foward to this because I love to cook
and I'm interested in Korean cuisine.
I believe Kim Rae Won is another guilty of drama cramming before his army duty.

When It's At Night
credits to the When It's At Night thread at soompi

starring Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Gun
MBC-Mondays and Tuesdays
starts June 22
16 episodes

AH I'm so excited for this drama!! I absolutely adore Kim Sun Ah from My Name is Kim Sam Soon-my all time favorite drama.

Kim Sam Soon was her last drama before all her troubles with her company.

I'm excited about Lee Dong Gun and Kim Jung Hwa too
I like Lee Dong Gun (another drama crammer!!!)
Kim Jung Hwa was precious in Taste Sweet Love/Snow White with Lee Wan
I was bit disappointed at first when Lee Soo Kyung from the amazing show Soulmate
dropped out of this project, but when I heard Kim Jung Hwa was replacing her,
I felt better. ^^

Yeah, yeah, I'm being bad and judging a drama by it's actors and actresses
the last time that happened to me....

Three Dads, One Mom-The best cast ever! (Mainly because of Jae Hee.) But the drama completely sucked and didn't make sense, I couldn't get through it and stopped at eppy 9 or so.

So maybe I should be more cautious about getting my hopes up
but doesn't When It's At Night sound funny and interesting?
Ah I really CANNOT wait!

I think I'm going to by capping and summarizing
When it's At Night and Gourmet
but if Dramabeans decides to do one of them,
I'll probably do the other.
Anyways, watch out for these dramas
and be excited!

I'll probably have a review of
all the performances on Music Bank up tonight
so check back later! <3

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Anonymous said...

Hi fellow Texan.
I'll be looking forward to your recap of either Gourmet or When It's at Night. I'm most eager for WIAN. Love KSA.