Friday, August 15, 2008

Big Bang's Third Mini Album ~STAND UP~

Yeah yeah I know this is late
but they came out with this when I was on vacation
and I've been soooo busy and I really felt the need to post this since I have a strong opinion
on their new mini album.


Amazinggg beat! Loved the scratching but what's with the dog growling? That was random and unnecessary. I wish they made this into a regular song.

Love the piano part, it sets the sad tone of the song right away. The rapping in this song is so good! I especially liked TOP's parts, the part where he's rapping along with the piano crescendo is my favorite part of the song. I noticed that Seung Ri had a lot more singing parts in this song and he voice sounded better than their last mini album! It must have been all that training from his musical. The chorus is super catchy but also super poppy. When I first heard this song it really reminded off a Jpop song but as I listened to it more it grew on me.

The "lalala"s at the beginning sound like that Milkshake song lol. I love how TOP and GD can say their "v"s!!! Haha any other Korean it would've been "Heaben." I wish they would've split up the chorus between DaeSung, TaeYang, and SeungRi instead of having them all sing it together. My favorite part has to be when TOP lists out "Happiness..sadness...tears" and GD lists out " heaven."I felt like TOP and GD dominated this song too much though.

Loooove the guitar and harmonizing at the beginning. The beat's pretty nice and DaeSung and TaeYang did such a good job with their parts! I don't really like how SeungRi sang his part in this song. Anyone know who the girl was with the one line? Top's rapping/singing around 2:17 was awesome at first but then the low notes sounded WAYY too low for him and sounded weird, but the harmonizing between him and TaeYang was good. Loved the ending.

I think this is my favorite song because of the siiiick beat. When I first heard it I thought the "excuse me miss girl" was very awkward but whatever. I love how they split up the chorus among TaeYang and DaeSung, it sounded better than the other songs' choruses. SeungRi's part "A-Ha" was super cute. Ah I feel like this song really showed off DaeSung's voice...or maybe I'm just really biased haha. I feel like the rapping and singing parts were evenly distributed among the members compared to the other songs on this mini album. Aw GD's laugh at the end ^^

Okay first I will say that DaeSung sounded amazing singing his part. Now that's the only good thing I can say about this song. Why? Because I don't like rock-especially hoarse screaming rock whether Big Bang's in this song or not. Also the rapping didn't go with the song and felt really awkward.

Overall the mini album is a 3/5 for me. When I hear Big Bang I think hip hop and R&B. I think YG Entertainment-origin of Korea's hip hop and R&B. I was disappointed when I heard the album because it seems like Big Bang has left hip hop completely. Reading through Big Bang's thread on Soompi, no one seemed bothered by this fact and were happy that Big Bang was exploring different genres. Big Bang was different than every other Korean boy group because they were a hip hop and R&B group among tons of generic KPop groups, now I have no idea where they stand. I was so excited for their comeback because they had all grown so much individually doing their own thing while Big Bang's activities stopped and I knew when they got together the result would be ah-mazing. But If I had expected a pop album, yes I would've liked this album more but I was expecting a hip and R&B one. Before everyone hates on me just know I've been a fan of Big Bang forever and still am and I think they're one of the most talented boy groups out there and all are so good at what they do. I hope they return to their roots with their next album/mini album.

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Anonymous said...

i agree to tell u the truth it wasnt the best album they made. i miss the hip hop and R&B style they had going on before "Lies". i think most fans that enjoy the albums are mostly fans of GD or Top or like "Lies" or "Last Farewell". i remember looking at all the old clips of them back in the days and i was like i miss that a lot. hopeful their new album is different from this.

this doesnt change the fact how much i love bb through.

HAPPY 2ND anniversary BB